Dr. JoAnne Lopes has offered her patients ThermiTight for several years now and continues to receive positive feedback on a regular basis. ThermiTight is a safe, painless way for us to dramatically reduce skin laxity in a single treatment and to literally sculpt patients’ appearance to their liking.

ThermiTight treatments restore skin to a more youthful profile while melting away fat below the skin’s surface and greatly reducing excess sagging skin. The process works by using computerized radio frequency (RF) technology that erases years from a person’s appearance.

The system’s computer-controlled radio frequencies create gentle heat right under the skin – a feather touch of heat that dramatically and visibly reduces skin laxity in a single treatment, generating results that last for months or years.

Any time you can provide patients with significant improvement right away without pain or downtime, you have a winning treatment on your hands. To learn more about ThermiTight treatments or to set up an appointment, contact our Virginia Beach office today.