Your eyes are among the first things people notice about you, and they can give someone a general idea of your personality. Having attractive eyes may make cause someone to look at you in a more positive light, but if they aren’t, your first impression probably won’t be a good one.

If your eyelashes are thinning out, it can adversely affect your appearance and even further affect the way people view you. If you want to rejuvenate your luscious lashes and enhance your facial appearance, a prescription Latisse treatment can be your best solution.

Why Do Eyelashes Thin Out?

The lining of the eyelids are very delicate and easily broken by harsh chemicals or consistent rubbing. Your eyelashes may begin to thin for a variety of reasons, including:

• Excess use of make up
• Forgetting to remove make up that contains strong chemicals that can damage the eyelashes
• Scrubbing or rubbing your eyes excessively
• Medical conditions including alopecia areata in which hair falls out in clusters from different parts of the body, including eyelashes.
• Health conditions such as hyperthyroidism, certain skin disorders, HIV, cancers, and chemotherapy.

What Does Latisse Contain?

Latisse is a prescription drug, that was approved for use in 2008 by the US FDA for eyelash rejuvenation. Before its approval, Latisse was already in use as Lumigan, a prescription medicine used to treat glaucoma. Lumigan was an eye drop that was used to reduce the intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.

Both of these drugs, Latisse and Lumigan contain a hormone called prostaglandin. Most of our body tissues and cells have this hormone, which is mainly produced in our blood vessels. Prostaglandin has many important roles in our health including:

• Regulation of blood clotting and circulation
• Contraction of muscles
• Controlling growth of cells
• Helps induce labor in delivery
• Lowers inflammation
• Helps in calcium absorption

Latisse contains Bimatoprost, a hormone that is similar to prostaglandin. In clinical trials bimatoprost has been found to be non-carcinogenic and safe for use in adults.

The clinical trials were done extensively on 278 adults for four months in a multi-center, double masked, and randomized study design. It was noted that after 16 weeks of treatment, the subjects had:

• 25% increase in length of eyelashes,
• 106% increase in fullness and thickness
• 18% increase in darkness or color intensity

Applying Latisse to the Eyes

Although Latisse is for cosmetic use, it still requires a prescription from your doctor. It is to be used once nightly on the upper eyelids only.

The steps involved in applying Latisse to the proper area are:

• Using gentle make up remover to get rid of previous make up on eyes and face.
• Wash the face, eyelids, and hands.
• Remove contacts since they tend to absorb Latisse.
• Use a sterile applicator to apply Latisse evenly on the base of the eyelid, taking care not to apply too much. Some drops may run into the lower eyelids when you close your eyes. If some drops get into the eye, it will not cause any harm.
• Blot off any excess liquid using a soft tissue or cloth.
• Discard the applicator and use a fresh one for the other eyelid.

The most dramatic changes can be seen from in about twelve weeks. Your lashes will appear thicker, longer, and darker!

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