Although Botox is ubiquitous in the cosmetic world, becoming almost synonymous with injectable treatment, that doesn’t mean it’s the only brand of wrinkle-smoother available. Not only that, it may not even be the most effective one. According to a 30-day study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, researchers found that injectable Dysport treatments are more effective than Botox at reducing crow’s feet.

Although both Botox and Dysport derive from botulinum toxin, Dysport treatments have less of a protein load, which means the body is less likely to attack the solution with antibodies.

The study involved 90 participants who were injected with Botox on one side of the face and Dysport on the other. After 30 days, the study concluded that Dysport “offers superior efficacy in the treatment of lateral orbital rhytids (crow’s feet)” compared with Botox. Keep in mind, this study used only a small sample size and based its results purely off of a 30-day scenario and in one muscle group.

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