The look and feel of our facial skin is susceptible to the ill effects of the outside world. Dirt, sunlight, and pollution may dehydrate the skin and clog the pores, resulting in a tired looking facial appearance with dull skin.

A quick fix to breathe freshness into your facial aesthetic is through a gentle laser-assisted chemical peel. Apart from cleaning out the pores from within, a laser peel is an effective cosmetic procedure designed remove wrinkles. A microlaserpeel is a laser-assisted peel that is gentle on the skin and helpful for patients who seek complete facial rejuvenation.

The Technology Used in a Microlaserpeel Treatment

The effectiveness of a microlaserpeel is defined by the nature of the skin. The human skin is mostly made up of water which apart from hydration, helps in absorbing light. The skin’s ability to absorb light is the principle used in Erbium laser. The laser produces light in a specific spectrum with higher absorption rates than natural light.

Upon absorption of the laser light, the skin instantly vaporizes. As a result, the skin is not burned but detoxified from the inside out. The precision of the laser beam ensures that only the region that is exposed to the light is vaporized, leaving the surrounding regions unaffected. With every session, a few small layers of the outer skin is removed, exposing the fresh layers underneath. Healing completes within a few days of the laser treatment.

Why Undergo a Microlaserpeel?

With any chemical peel, the obvious benefits offered are clear, flawless, rejuvenated skin. A laser assisted peel on the other hand, apart from the expected benefits, also offers minimal recovery time, is suitable for all skin types, and restores smooth and supple skin. Most importantly, a microlaserpeel doesn’t require the administration of sedation to numb the skin before treatment.

What to Expect From the Microlaserpeel?

Since the skin is vaporized upon exposure to the laser beam, it is common to feel a pulsating warm zap on the skin. Most patients, who have undergone a microlaserpeel, expressed that they experienced the skin becoming warm. The procedure is not painful, but may feel uncomfortable because of the unfamiliar sensation.

Most patients who have undergone the treatment were found to be impressed with the results and would consider undergoing the procedure again when the time comes. The benefits from the peel have long-lasting results when the right follow up care is practiced. In order to maintain the rejuvenated sheen on your face, your doctor may recommend the use of certain creams and lotions to help keep the skin hydrated.

The Benefits of the Microlaserpeel

Benefits of the microlaserpeel are visible within the first few weeks following the procedure. The first few days after the microlaserpeel, the outermost layer of the skin will start to peel. Once the peeling is complete, your refresh skin will shine brightly. The microlaserpeel is beneficial in removing or reducing wrinkles, precancerous lesions, scars, pigmentation, and sun damage.

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