Unwanted body hair is an annoying issue that just keeps coming back. No matter how much people wax or shave, those little hairs never seem to go away permanently. The hair removal process is time-consuming, and people can only sit down and try home-based options when they can make time for it. It’s usually impossible on weekdays. For many, leaving these hairs unshaven for a period of time is simply not an option.

But nowadays, the gift of technology has solved a number of problems, including hair removal. To solve the problem of unwanted hairs, we offer treatment with the ClearScan laser from Sciton. This procedure has replaced traditional home-based treatment options in terms of convenience, quality, and longevity of results.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal systems use light energy to reduce blood supply to hair follicles. Melanin, the pigment found in hairs, absorbs the light energy and transfers it to the neighboring cells, which convert it into heat. The heat denatures these hair cells and renders them incapable of producing hair again. The unwanted hair falls out after a few weeks as the epidermis revives itself. Some hair may also fall out during the laser treatment itself.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Now that you understand how laser hair removal treatment works, you may be wondering about its benefits over other hair-removal options. This treatment method has many advantages over shaving, plucking, creams, electrolysis, and waxing.


Since laser hair removal treatment provides a permanent solution, you will no longer have to buy razors, depilatory creams, and shaving creams. You also won’t need to make any waxing or electrolysis appointments. Because of this, with laser hair removal, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

No Ingrown Hairs

Home-based treatment options cause a lot of in-grown hairs. Laser hair removal solves this problem. Your skin will feel smooth after the treatment without in-grown hairs. This treatment is best for people with sensitive skin who experience skin irritations after shaving and waxing.

Less Time-Consuming

Hair removal at home takes a lot of time. Because laser hair removal provides a permanent solution, it eliminates the need to wax, pluck, or shave regularly, saving you a great deal of time.

Less Discomfort

If you’re tired of the discomfort and pain that comes along with shaving and plucking, you’re in luck – laser hair removal causes much less discomfort than these traditional options.

Shave as Much as You Want

Laser treatment doesn’t require you to grow your hair first. You can shave as many times as you want between sessions, so there’s no waiting time for you for your next shave!

Boosts Confidence

By effectively removing those unwanted hairs, laser hair removal treatment can boost your confidence. After the treatment, you’ll be free to show off your flawless, hairless skin at the beach in your bathing suit.

Schedule a Consultation

Before you go ahead with the laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need to discuss your health history with Dr. JoAnne Lopes, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon. She will tell you more about the procedure and give you directions on preparing for the treatment. To schedule your consultation, contact us today.