Weight loss is a long and difficult process. It can drain your energy and take a toll on your body, but it can make you more energetic and stronger in the long run. After all the hard work and time spent in the gym, it can be discouraging to see stubborn bits of fat staring back at you from the mirror, making you think your efforts are inadequate.

Surgery is a great way to trim excess fat off your body and give it a shapely appearance. But, not many would like to go under the knife to rid themselves of a few traces of fat. Fortunately, there is an innovative procedure available that will allow you to lose excess fat without an invasive surgery.

Research has proven that cold temperatures help in reducing weight, but don’t worry, you don’t have to stand outside in frigid temperatures to get a fit and firm body. As a result of the research conducted, CoolSculpting was born.


The procedure’s technical name is Cryolipolysis, and it is a non-surgical procedure that can be used to destroy fatty cells and contour the body to a desired shape. CoolSculpting is one of the brands that conducts this procedure and the only cold-based treatment approved by the FDA for fat trimming.

Cryolipolysis came about when scientists at Harvard noticed that children who ate popsicles were left with dimpled cheeks. This enabled them to research and conclude that the cold temperature from the popsicles resulted in freezing the fat cells and effectively removed them from the body without any damage to the surrounding skin.

How it Works

CoolSculpting targets fatty tissue beneath the skin and eliminates them effectively. These stubborn fat cells are frozen to temperatures of around -12o and over time, they die off, getting eliminated with the body’s other wastes.

The cooling procedure targets only the unwanted fat cells, keeping other areas of the skin intact. The results of CoolSculpting are long-lasting. Since the fat cells have been eliminated, there is no chance of them reemerging.

The fat-freezing machine is made up of safety sensors that prevent the skin from cooling to dangerous temperatures. If the machine’s temperature does drop below the recommended limit, it automatically shuts down.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. Unlike other surgical procedures such as liposuction, its results are not visible immediately. Fat is not being removed; it is being eliminated from within the body. Therefore, you have to give it time to reveal its magic.

Since your skin will be subjected to cold temperature, you may experience some numbing, tingling, and coldness in the area being treated. Once the procedure is complete, the skin will go back to normal.

Since the procedure is non-invasive in nature, CoolSculpting has a high rate of patient satisfaction. Its comfort, simplicity, minimal side-effects, and safety have made it a hot favorite among those looking for a non-surgical way to trim excess fat.

With CoolSculpting, you can eliminate the fear regaining all the fat that you’ve so painstakingly lost. It can help remove fat cells permanently, allowing you to achieve your body goals faster and with ease. With proper exercise and maintenance there is no reason why it should reappear.

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