Once Dr. JoAnne Lopes has performed the necessary adjustments to your eyelids during eyelid surgery, the next step is the blepharoplasty recovery phase. This is a critical time after surgery when the area around the eyelids must repair and adjust to the changes that have been made by the surgeon.

Your incisions will need to be properly protected from wind and extreme sunlight in order to optimize healing. Wearing sunglasses will also aid in protecting your eyes from potential wind damage. During blepharoplasty recovery, remember to keep your head elevated and to apply cold compresses to reduce the swelling and speed up the healing.

Dr. Lopes is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Virginia Beach area. She will discuss the blepharoplasty recovery process with you in greater detail during your consultation. Contact our office today for an appointment or if you have any post-operative questions.