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ThermiVa : Let’s talk Lady Parts.

Once considered a taboo or unspoken topic vulvovaginal laxity, vaginal rejuvenation, or feminine health is now an emerging trend in both plastic and urogynecological surgery. Women are becoming more open in discussing the issues that have occurred after giving childbirth and the aging process. These changes that most women experience are both personal and intimate and can affect their overall sense of well-being both physically and sexually. Until recently treatment for vaginal dryness, which can cause pain during intercourse, is mostly with lubricants, or estrogen cream’s, pills, or patches. Treatment for stress incontinence, leaking during coughing, sneezing , and exercise, has been physical therapy with kegel exercises or surgical procedures such as slings. There has been little to no treatment for Orgasmic dysfunction. Finally, for the cosmesis of the labia majora current treatments are surgical reduction or injection with fillers or fat.

Having performed labiaplasty ,reduction of the labia minors and majora for many years I am happy to announce into my practice ThermiVa. This nonsurgical, noninvasive FDA approved radiofrequency treatment helps revive and restore the external labia majora and inside vaginal laxity.Feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation is improved by ThermiVa .

Patients for Life

  • “I was having terrible vaginal atrophy and dryness after quitting hormone replacement therapy. I was hoping this procedure would help with this. This was a three appointment procedure that is hoped to help with the problem. I feel that there was some improvement but not sure if because of my age (63), I am beyond great improvement. There may be more improvement eventually but at this point I am not sure yet.”

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Labia majora or vaginal treatment can be performed alone and/ or in combination with labiaplasty. Costs are customized to the patient treatment. Periodic specials or promotions are available .Call Dr. JoAnne Lopes’ office 757-497-5400 for further information or to set up an appointment.

How does ThermiVa Work?

The radiofrequency energy or heat is delivered deeply into the tissues using a delicately designed handpiece. The warm heat massages the area being treated. The radiofrequency helps to immediately tighten the skin and stimulate new and tighter collagen remodeling. This increases blood flow to the labia and clitoris thereby increasing sensitivity and helping to improve orgasmic potential. The vaginal mucosal tightens and thickens resulting in improved lubrication and friction during intercourse.

Who is a candidate for ThermiVa ?

* Vulvar/Labial Laxity: helps tighten the labial tissues and reduce sag and " camel toes " . It results in softer and smoother skin that is noticeable. There's more comfort in tight clothing with less self-awareness in leotards and bikinis.

* Vagina Laxity: this will help tighten the opening and full length of the vagina. Ultimately this helps improving the lack of friction or sensation in the vagina, and reduces vulvar perspiration and vaginal gas symptoms.ThermiVa will help if you have trouble retaining tampons from vaginal laxity .

* Vaginal dryness/atrophic vaginitis: this will add softer and thicker skin and more moisture both internally and externally . Sexual intercourse will be more comfortable without the use of hormones ,creams and lubricants. Patients who cannot use estrogen ,postmenapausal or cancer, are excellent candidates for ThermiVa.

* Mild to Moderate Stress Incontinence: this will reduce accidents and urinary leakage and may reduce urgency symptoms. Along with Kegel exercises women may avoid the use of mesh slings in the vagina. In the study with 6 women it demonstrated that if a women needed to wear 1-5 pads per day for urinary leakage or dribbling then after the treatments in 5 of 6 women it eliminated pad usage and the incontinence issues were zero.

*Sexual or Orgasmic dysfunction: ThermiVa may result in increased sensitivity ,more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions and the ability to achieve an orgasm quicker .

Where is the treatment performed? How long does it take?

The ThermiVa treatment is performed in Dr. JoAnne Lopes's office in a private, comfortable patient room. We respect the privacy and intimacy of the procedure and only Dr. Lopes and an assistant will be present during the treatment.

Overall ,the procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Approximately 10 minutes for labia majora reduction and 15 to 20 minutes each for vaginal tightening. Three treatments based a month apart is recommended with a yearly maintenance treatment.

Is ThermiVa safe?

FDA approved Thermiva is a safe alternative treatment to surgery for vaginal skin laxity. No blisters, burns, infections, organ or nerve damage have been seen or noted in hundreds of uses.

What preparation is required for the treatment?

The treatment is basically a warm comfortable massage to the genital area. There is no need for anesthesia or premedication. Shaving or waxing is needed and is performed by Dr. Joanne Lopes's Aesthetician several days before the treatment.

What can patients expect after the ThermiVa treatment?

Since there are no side effects after the vaginal rejuvenation treatment patients can resume their normal activities. This includes exercise and sexual intercourse.

How long do the results lasts?

An average of 9 to 12 months. Once yearly maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain the vaginal rejuvenation results. Patients do not need to repeat the series this is intended to be a one time yearly treatment at a reduced cost.

How is the ThermiVa different from the other vaginal rejuvenation treatments on the market?

ThermiVa is different from the other products on the market and that it is radiofrequency and not laser. Laser only treats the internal vagina and not the labia majora as does ThermiVa.

Who will perform the ThermiVa treatments?

Both Dr. Lopes and her selected staff member have been specially trained by an existing ThermiVa physician provider will perform the treatment. Dr. Lopes attends clinical advisory counsel meetings to keep abreast of current trends and information regarding ThermiVa,ThermiTight, and ThermiSmooth.

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Your ThermiVa will be performed by Dr. JoAnne Lopes at the Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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