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MyEllevate in Virginia Beach is a minimally invasive facial-rejuvenation process performed to elevate, support, and shape the underlying muscles and glands, defining the jawline and neck without surgery. Age-related jowls, neck laxity, and submental fullness can all be corrected with this treatment.

The Cosmetic Surgery Center is the only practice in the Hampton Roads area that offers this treatment!

Who Are Ideal Candidates for MyEllevate?

Many men and women in their 30s and 40s who are experiencing the symptoms of premature aging may find success with the MyEllevate procedure. This non-surgical procedure is for healthy people who are bothered by sagging skin around their jawline.

If you have skin laxity, severe jowling, early chin and neck aging, or submental fullness, MyEllevate could be the perfect treatment for you.

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What Happens During the Consultation?

MyEllevate - Facial Rejuvenation

You’ll meet with Dr. JoAnne Lopes for a consultation before your MyEllevate treatment is scheduled. This consultation is important for the success of your treatment, because it helps her develop an in-depth understanding of your aesthetic goals.

In order to create the most effective treatment plan for you, pictures of your neck may be taken during this process. Dr. Lopes will take precise measurements to further refine your treatment.

What Happens During the Procedure?

An injection of local anesthetic will be administered around the targeted treatment areas at the start of the MyEllevate procedure. Next, Dr. Lopes will utilize the ICLED laser-guided suture technique.

With the help of the ICLED and suture rod, Dr. Lopes is able to weave a suture thread between the underlying tissue and muscles in the upper neck. She then tugs the thread gently to tighten the skin and muscles that are causing the sagging around the jaw and neck. The entire MyEllevate process can be finished in a single hour.

How Does Recovery Proceed Following the Procedure?

MyEllevate results in minimal downtime. The majority of people feel better after 4 days and can get back to their daily routines. Moderate bruising and/or swelling are to be expected, and they usually go away on their own within a few days. While recovering from the procedure, it is recommended to wear a compression garment.

You may have tightness or dimples in the days following your MyEllevate treatment, but these symptoms will diminish. For two weeks, avoid heavy lifting and vigorous exercise.

When Will I See Results?

Your jawline should look different right away following the treatment session. However, because a degree of swelling will be present, you will not be able to see your full results until the swelling has gone down.

MyEllevate’s effects can be expected to endure for at least a few years. The treatment will encourage your skin to create more collagen, leading to long-lasting results.

Schedule Your Consultation

Would you like to find out more information about MyEllevate in Virginia Beach? Get in touch with the Cosmetic Surgery Center as soon as possible so that you may book an appointment with Dr. JoAnne Lopes. She will tailor a treatment strategy specifically for you in order to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

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Your MyEllevate will be performed by Dr. JoAnne Lopes at the Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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