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Breast Implant Options

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MemoryShape® silicone breast implant.

There are several important considerations when it comes to choosing between your breast implant options for breast-augmentation surgery. Breast implants vary in terms of type, material, and shape, and the choice you make will determine your results.

Breast implants have a silicone shell on the outside with a choice between two different fills. Both types of implants are designed with different shapes, amounts of forward breast projection, and implant widths according to your preference.

The first option is either MemoryShape® or MemoryGel® silicone breast implants. These are filled with a cohesive silicone gel material that offers the most natural look and feel to the breast.

The second option, saline breast implants, is filled with saline, a medical-grade salt solution. They give patients perkier and rounder-looking breasts.


During your Breast Augmentation consultation with Dr. Joanne Lopes, she will answer questions you may have about the procedure and will discuss any safety concerns related to the surgery.

Breast Implants Before & After
Breast Implants Before & After

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Patients for Life

  • “My breasts were very small in volume and I wanted to be able to fill out a bathing suit and bra. It is difficult to determine the size you desire to be, but the office staff does let you try on the different implants in a thin stretchy bra. The surgery went great, I love the silicone, I love the look and feel of them.”

Top Reasons for Choosing to Have Breast Augmentation:

1 Breasts that the patient wishes were fuller or perkier with a better shape.

2 Loss of breast volume after pregnancy.

3 Lack of cleavage.

4 Asymmetry of the breasts.

Breast Implants Comparison Chart

Silicone MemoryGel® Silicone MemoryShape® Saline
Filled with Cohesive Silicone Gel Filled with Cohesive Silicone Gel Filled with a Saltwater Solution
Set Fill Volume Set Fill Volume Flexible Fill Volume
  • Moderate Plus Profile
  • High Profile
  • Ultra High Profile
  • MH, Medium Height/High Profile
  • LM+, Low Height/Moderate Plus Profile
  • TM+, Tall Height/Moderate Plus Profile
  • MM+, Medium Height/Moderate Plus Profile
  • MM, Medium Height/Moderate Profile
  • Moderate Plus Profile
  • High Profile
Smooth and Textured Surfaces Textured Surface Only Smooth and Textured Surfaces
FDA Approved FDA Approved FDA Approved
Manufactured in the U.S.A. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Which Breast Implants Are Right for You?

The best way to find out which implants are right for you is to do research in advance. The more you learn about your breast implant options, the easier it will be to make the choices that will deliver your desired results.

When deciding on breast implant size, it is best to aim for a size that is proportional to your overall frame. This leads to a more natural appearance and helps to avoid issues like chronic back pain.

A number of factors will come into play when considering size. You will need to take into account factors such as weight, height, hip width, and shoulder width.

During a consultation at our office, we can provide sizers to help you decide on the right breast implant size for you. Sizers are soft implants you can place inside your bra to help you better gauge the final look you can achieve. They come in a number of different sizes.

Find Out More with a Consultation

To learn more about the different breast implant options available to you, it is best to consult with a skilled medical professional. Dr. JoAnne Lopes is an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and would be happy to meet with you and discuss your breast-augmentation goals. Contact us to set up your consultation.

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Your Breast Implant Options will be performed by Dr. JoAnne Lopes at the Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Virginia Beach, VA.

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